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DESTINY BETA First Impression

Just got done playing some of the DESTINY beta. Liking it quite a lot surprisingly. The videos didn’t really do it justice. Love the clean UI and controls are pretty spot on. Draw distance and scale of the areas are amazing (but also tend to be a bit long on load times but again, this is beta so that could change). Audio design is quite good with some great location based audio queues and suspense building scores. 

Playing with friends improved the game drastically IMO. I was getting a Borderlands kinda vibe when playing by myself and honestly was kinda getting a little bored while solo. Reached level cap for Warlock so will probably try Titan next. 


Was wondering how many people would be interested in seeing a Live DJ set by Hideki Naganuma composer on JET SET RADIO & JET SET RADIO FUTURE fame at MAGFEST? 

After seeing Yuzo Koshiro at MAGFEST 11, I began thinking of who else would be amazing to see live and Hideki Naganuma fit the bill perfectly. 

So I ask again, Who wants to see The Funky Dealer himself, Hideki Naganuma do a live DJ set at MAGFEST??


SYSTEM: Playstation 2

I’ve had this game for about two years but only played it for a couple hours. I have a new desk and rearranged my gamespace for minimal interuptions. Here goes. 

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